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Smarthome control

Controlling all technical subsystems and domestic appliances is done with the help of a computer or telephone no matter where you are.
The screen shows all the devices connected to the “Smart home” system. You will be able to control all of them. Single touch of the screen and you turn on  lights, music or air conditioner. You can adjust the settings in the way that will make one button draw the curtains, turning off the lights, music and locking the door. This scenario can be called “Sleeping”. You can create any scenarios for your Home and each of them will be activated at the touch of a button.


What can Smart Home control?

- Lighting. Designing a  house requires great efforts  aimed at setting appropriate lighting in the house. The light should be designed in the way  that makes it possible to create individual light settings depending on your mood and situation.  However, this solution presents a number of difficulties: there  must be several groups of light fittings (sometimes up to ten). Besides, each group is controlled by its own switch. As a result, creating  desirable lighting turns into juggling the switches.  Smart home system simplifies the task. A button on the Control Panel helps you select a  particular scenario. There can be a big number of scenarios which can be chosen depending on your mood  ("romantic dinner", "cinema", "party", etc.) By setting the landscape lighting you can create a truly fabulous atmosphere of the evening in your yard or garden. Spot lighting of  flower beds, individual trees, garden paths, pools and architectural elements of the House will turn evening walks in the countryside into  unforgettable experience.  Home Automation features allow you to implement virtually all of your ideas.

- Security. Smart home security ensures the safety of your home making it burglar- and accident-proof.  

All windows and doors are fitted with opening sensors. The rooms are fitted with motion detectors and video cameras. No matter where you are  in the world you will always see what is happening in your home. It is important if you want to  protect your home from unwelcome guests  and if you leave  children at home with a babysitter. 

What's more,  water leak sensors are installed in the house  with  safety valves protecting your home from being flooded.

- Video surveillance. Having surveillance cameras installed you will be able to keep an eye on your home from any place in the world. What is more, these cameras can be also used for other purposes. You will be able to control the way your elderly relative is being taken care of by a  nurse or your child being looked after by a babysitter. A good example of the way  surveillance camera and intercom function together: being away from home you will be able to see a person ringing your doorbell, talk to him/her or even let him/her in.

- Microclimate. The system maintains temperature and humidity in your home at a comfort level by turning on ventilation at the right time. At night, the smart Home cools your  bedroom and ensures you have a good night sleep. Wherever you are and whatever you do, smart home makes you feel comfortable. When nobody is at home and the house is empty the air conditioning works in energy-saving mode in your absence.

- Multi-room. Multi-room system allows you to listen music in any room, without having to install  audio system in each of them. Thus, you can play different music in different rooms. Controlling the entire system is carried out with the help of a  tablet or a mobile phone. 

System dynamics can be connected to the intercom for it to make any alerts and warnings.  For example, on opening the garage door you may get a notification that someone has arrived.

- Swimming pool control. Home automation system will allow you to monitor the condition of your pool. It will activate a cleaning system  when you are out from home in order to not disturbe you with the noise produced by  running engines.

- Garden management. Smart home system controls the level of humidity of the soil and waters the plants to prevent them from drying. It selects appropriate mode for every zone with plants. If your plants require being watered strictly according to the schedule Smart Home will take care of it. Garden management can be totally automatic without  you having to attend to it.