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Voltage normalizers

Setting our foot in Thailand for the first time we were shocked to see plenty of cables and wires on electric poles.
Then we moved into a house and realized that the voltage is very unstable.
This obviously can turn out to be quite a nuisance as it can make all electrical appliances at our home  go out of order. Particularly vulnerable are compressors of fridges, air conditioners, pumps and electronic systems.
We propose to install VOLTAGE NORMALIZERS  at the entrance of any the house.
Voltage normalizer is aimed for regulating voltage in industrial and domestic nets of electric power supply of 220 or 380 volts.
Normalizer solves the following problems:
- will stabilize the voltage at a level of 220 volts in case of voltage fluctuations within 116 – 278 volts
- will activate safety shutdown in case of rise in input voltage or short circuit
Normalizer works in nonstop mode and can be used both in industrial and domestic conditions with unstable electric network for supplying power to electric appliances whose  total capacity demand doesn't exceed rated power of the Normalizer.
Due to the fact that Voltage normalizers consist of semiconductor elements (symistors):
- they don't have any movable parts (motor drives, relays etc), therefore have long durability (up to 50 years)
- they operate much faster than any servo unit or relay normalizers (reaction time less than 20 milliseconds)
- they maintain continuous monitoring of input voltage (with frequency of 50 hz);
- they are almost 100% reliable.
Normalizers are operated with the help of micro-controller (processor), which allows to adjust it easily to necessary technical conditions making it more user-friendly and increasing its reliability.

Basic technical specifications

Operating principle continuous
Load power at rated input voltage 
5.5    kW- 20kW (depending on  the model)
Idle capacity 
15-26 W (depending on  the model)
Rated output voltage 220 W
Voltage deviation at output 
±1%  ±5% (depending on  the model)
Input voltage range 
116 W-278W(depending on  the model)
Responsiveness to the change in input voltage 
Network frequency 
50 Hz
Minimum input voltage (turn-off voltage)  
90 W
Maximum input voltage (turn-off voltage)
245W-278W (depending on the model)

In order to select a suitable type of normalizer you have to identify total capacity of consumers requiring simultaneous power supply. Input power of an appliance or a device is labelled on its body or indicated in the user manual.
Approximate input power of domestic consumers:

Input power, W Consumer Input power, W
Refridgerator 250-600 Iron 1000
Microwave oven 1500-2500 Plasma display
250-500 TV 100-400
Electric kettle
1000-2500 Toaster 800-1500
1200-2000 Coffee machine 800-1500
Washing machine 1500-2500 Electric radiator 1000-3000
Air conditioner
1000-3000 Vacuum cleaner 400-2000
Hair drier
1000-2000 Electric light bulbs 20-250 (1 pc.)