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Multimedia storage
Network-attached storage for home and office use .

Synology DiskStation is a cost-effective way of storing and archiving all your personal photo,- audio,- video-files and documents.
These files can be accessed via any available device (smartphone, tablet PC, computer or Smart TV) from anywhere globally or local home network.
Operational system Synology DiskStation performs a wide range of functions for working with multimedia, safe storing and exchanging files through local network and the Internet.

In addition to storing large volumes of files and allowing all the family to access them network-attached storages Synology  have a wide range of service applications for work and leisure.
Additional opportunities offered by network-attached storages Synology
- getting video-surveillance at home or in your holiday house
- viewing media content (video, photo) on a TV display
- autonomous downloading from HTTP-, FTP- и Torrent-sources
- online photo album
- designing personal website or blog
- listening to the music stored in NAS through USB speakers
- managing files stored through the Internet
- connecting USB printer to the network
- automatic backing-up of home PCs

Downloading video and audio files from  the Internet through HTTP,- FTP, and Torrent sources often takes a lot of time not allowing you to use computer for other purposes.
Similar to a pump which is able to work round the clock without you being involved, network-attached storages Synology can do all the job on their own. As a result, you don't have to keep your PC loaded as all the files become generally accessible. Besides, you won't be disturbed by the noise made by computer as network-attached storage can be located anywhere in your flat, not necessarily in a living room or a study.

Network-attached storage for office use

As you can see from the scheme, NAS Synology is connected to the existing local network of the office. Hassle-free system installation provides your company with multifunctional device solving a variety of problems at the same time:

File server
File server solves the problem of centralized data storage for every employee authorizing group access to the files. The head of a company is able to authorize access rights to every employee. Network-attached storage allows you to store important files and data bases safely on a special device which can be located anywhere on your office premises.
Print server
Connecting ordinary USB printer to NAS you enable all your employees get their files printed. Unlike being connected to one of PCs, it allows you to print files no matter whether PC is on or off as network-attached storage operates in a non-stop mode and doesn't have to be switched off.

Video surveillance Server
Buying network-attached storage Synology you will be able to make records using one IP camera. The problem of organizing surveillance in your office or parking space is solved automatically without additional expenses.
Reservation server
If you want to safely store data on local PCs of your employees you can reserve them automatically to your central office data storage. All you need to do is to install original Synology software (Data Replicator 3) on all PCs in your office.

FTP server and client
FTP protocol can be used for sharing big amount of information with teleworkers and partners. Having network-attached storage Synology in your office you can easily set up your own FTP server, presetting a number of users and folders available for public access through FTP. Moreover, you will be able to automize the process of downloading large files from external HTTP, FTP or BitTorrent sources. Downloading is carried out by NAS in autonomous mode.

WEB server
Today company’s website is part and parcel of its operation, therefore, designing and deploying website is a burning issue for every business. Synology will help you design your company website in a fast and convenient way. Publishing it in the Internet you don't have to pay for commercial hosting because NAS Synology will serve as your own hosting.