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Smart electronics — creating smart home

Smart Home under consideration is the one that adapts to your habits.
It turns the lights off  in the whole house when everybody is asleep, shuts off unnecessary electric points, transfers climate control system to  energy-saving mode, locks the doors and sets the burglar alarm around your house.
Your house becomes a perfect security guard and ideal butler – taking control of every window and every door and letting you know when guests arrive.
It will get in touch with you at work allowing you to communicate with your guests while you are not at home.
You can control your house just by making a telephone call.
It opens the gates for you upon you arriving home In your car.
You have elderly parents or your children are at home unattended? It will help you keep an eye on and look after them.
This kind of house is never too dark or too cold.
Turning lights on, drawing the curtains, playing music or video files inside or outside the house is possible just at the touch of a button.
You can save documents, family photos and archives without fearing to lose them.
 Smart home controls the consumption of power and turns your dwelling into comfortable and economical place to live.
All this can be easily controlled via any computer or smartphone no matter whether you are at home or in any other place of the world. There are no boundaries.
Smart Home is a reality created by boundless imagination of gifted engineers
Our equipment does not require preliminary planning at construction of new houses
Any module of our system can  be installed and set up within one day and  is assembled without any difficulty in any home.
You can discover more and try using Smart Home systems right now.
 Visit our showroom in Hua Hin.