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How does polyurethane foam works?

PUF is a liquid mixture consisting of two components, using special equipment to apply for a given surface.
The procedure of applying PUF is complete within 3 - 5 seconds.
PUF expands itself between 25 – 35 times, perfectly filling all voids and cracks. As result of solidification PUF forms a monolithic microcellular seamless layer foam.
Polyurethane foam can be applied to almost any surface, roof, walls, ceilings. The resulting material has superior hydro, thermoproofing and strength characteristics as well as best sound insulation capacities. PUF is not hygroscopic. When foaming PUF tightens all kind of seals all cracks on the applied outdoor and indoor surfaces such as inside and outside walls, roofs, foundations, ventilated conduits etc..
Intech Build Company offers long-term insulation solution to any of roof insulation problems by applying a layer of PUF at the inside surface of the roof of industrial and private buildings.

Another usefull features of PUF

Hard sprayed polyurethane has structural properties, fuses with any surfaces and actively influences their solidity condition and durability. It heals the structural surface defects and rigidly connects parts of structure between them. It also eliminates cracking, loosening and displacement. PUF has serious resistance to destructive environmental influences. It can be applied at surface with any degree of deterioration. If surface (before PUF coating) is shabby or leaky, it will be bound (pasted) by PUF.

With help of PUF any structure can be lightweight, and will receive additional strength, significantly increase it’s sustainability against effects of tropical storms and hurricanes.
Polyurethane foam components are produced by worldwide known companies such as BASF, Hunsmann, and etc. According to their quality warranty, guaranty on PUF’s quantities is 25-30 years.
PUF is organic safe, biologically neutral, not burning, non toxic and does not cause any allergic reactions.

Kind of rigid polyurethane - Polyurea !
Polyurea layer is eternal protection of house foundations from groundwater as well as from flooding waters!
Polyurea is greatest waterproof solution for swimming and decoration pools, reliable protection of the roof leak for any roof shape!
With polyurea you’ll never have problems of delamination, cracking or decomposing of hydro or thermo insulation layer of walls and roof!
Polyurea can replace some usual cover materials such as tales, cocrete finishing etc. It also cheaper (maney safed on price on price of m2 and time of labor).