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Indoor LED-based lighting of homes

Lighting of a house or a flat is a burning question.  Cutting down on watts in order to reduce energy consumption we often start neglecting our health. Inadequate lighting, meanwhile, causes irreparable damage to our eyesight.  Which, in its turn, leads to health problems and, therefore, means spending more money. As a result, trying to save a few kilowatts monthly, we risk coming up against additional expenses and inconveniences.
However, it is possible to cut down your electricity bills with the help of LED-based lighting of your flat.
LED-based lighting of the rooms disperses bright soft light in the appropriate for human eye spectrum – another point in favor of LED-based technology  as compared to other energy-efficient sources of light.
In addition to its high quality, LED-based lighting is characterized by reliability, relatively low heat release and long life cycle. On average LED's life cycle in conditions of continuous operation accounts for  50000-100000 hours, which considerably exceeds life cycle of other sources of light by more than 10 times.