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Optical lense outdoor lighting

Outdoor LED-based light fittings with optical lenses are used for lighting highways, streets, roads, pedestrian lanes, pavements, surrounding grounds of buildings and their facades.  
LED-based light fittings with optical lens are used in the areas which require focusing light beam in the necessary direction in order to reduce lighting of  peripheral surfaces and enhance lighting of main surfaces – by means of redistribution of light flux. LED-based light fittings with  modular-type optics enhance lighting of an object  2,5 times more intensively than light fittings  without  optics of identical power supply.
Using optical lenses is getting more essential  with  power optical source being fitted at a big height (4m and above), as using light emitted diodes without secondary optics leads to light flux leaking around big areas which decreases the efficiency of LED light fittings.
Given kind of light fittings can be used for lighting highways which mostly requires lighting of road surface.  
LED-based light fittings with optical lens are available in color temperature of 5300-6000 K, yet the range can be tailored to 2700-8000 К   for individual orders.  Voltage range of alternating current:  170-250 volt. Protective value of light fittings: IР66. Range of operating temperatures: from  -50 to +50°С. Light flux ripple: not less than 0.2%.