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Decorative LED-based lighting

With cost of LED-based technologies going down, many of us have realized massive opportunities it offers in the sphere of decorative lighting.  
LED-based kitchen lighting is exceptionally convenient and practical. Small, almost invisible lighting produces quality light sufficient for casting light on  countertop. Besides, LEDs are a perfect way to cast decorative light for paintings, elements of décor, aquariums and emergency lighting.
Using LEDs for lighting the ceiling is believed to be the best solution in modern interior design    which is currently widely used as a booster light for plants. Only carefully selected LED-based lighting circuits can imitate   sunlight in the spectrum  suitable for normal plant activity.
A special effect can be achieved by highlighting particular areas with the help of various tricks of the light and the use of focused and directed lenses. Zonal lighting creates voluminosity of the space. Highlighting particular elements of interior  gives  rise to fantasy without boundaries and helps come up with interesting design solutions.