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LED-based lighting

Today lighting has become an indispensable part of modern society. It is necessary for creating safe and comfortable  conditions indoors as well as outdoors, in the yards, parks,  squares and streets of cities.
Modern lighting is to cater for several purposes simultaneously:
provide high-quality lighting;
be in harmony with the environment;
be user-friendly;
be energy-efficient

Although most existing types of outdoor lighting meet the first two requirements mentioned above, the other two can be fulfilled only if you use LED-based lighting. It's high-quality, effective and energy-efficient lighting, which is the only reasonable alternative to modern lighting systems.
LED-based lighting consumes 5-8 times less energy as compared to conventional  incandescent lamps. Lifetime of such bulbs is 20 times more. LED-based lighting is working with tension from 12 till 220 volt
Energy-efficiency and low-voltage parameters allow to use LED-based lighting in energy-efficient and energy-independent homes.
We offer a wide range of light fittings and technical solutions
 optical lens exterior lighting of houses and streets
 interior  lighting of homes
 LED-based lighting  of commercial and office areas  
 decorative lighting.