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Air turbine-nonvolatile geothermal ventilation solution.

Exhaust ducts regardless of their type and the use of the premises are located at the top, where air convective is directed. For creating natural draft, difference in height between the inlet duct hole inside and its release into the atmosphere must be at least two meters (the bigger the better). The presence and the power of thrust would largely depend on the meteorological conditions (wind, amount of air pressure, etc.), which means the air flow may be unstable.
In modern ventilation systems we usually use air handling units. However, they run on electricity and, therefore, are rather expensive and energy-consuming.
An excellent solution for making your ventilation system energy-efficient and even energy independent is to fit ventilation turbine to exhaust duct.
The operation of ventilation turbine is based on wind power without the need to consume electricity.

Structurally, the turbine is made in such a way that makes it always rotate in one direction, regardless of the direction of the wind flow. Under the effect of the wind flow wind turbine vent unwinds and creates a vacuum in the exhaust duct and indoors, with air rushing out because of the difference in pressure.

Air turbines are made of metal, mostly stainless or galvanized aluminium. The structure is made in the way that protects the air duct from precipitation and eliminates the chance of backdraught.
To regulate the intensiveness of ventilation at exhaust duct intake port we recommend that you install the valves to regulate the cross-sectional area.
Ventilation turbines can be used to equip exhaust ventilation of high-rise residential buildings, production and storage halls, conservatories, greenhouses, farms, etc. For large areas turbines are installed in increments of 4-5 metres.
According to the experience payback of turbines installation is approximately 3-4 months (at the cost of saving of electrical energy, which would be consumed to run mechanical exhaust ventilation system).
Air turbine may be the main element of a simple ventilation system consisting only of exhaust air ducts (supply air coming from natural infiltration), or complement a sophisticated ventilation system with mechanical air handling unit and natural diversion of waste air.