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All people  dream of having a house  of their own.
And this dream  house is supposed to be safe, reliable, spacious, well-lit, have comfort microclimate and be cheap to maintain.
But what is hidden behind these words?
Very few people ever think of it. Yet fewer people know how to make it all possible!
In order to create comfort microclimate in the house of your dreams, you must make sure the walls, the roof and the basement are safely insulated.
External environment should not bring inside any variations of temperature, humidity or wind.
Our windows are to make our house properly-lit without letting dust and microorganisms in. The house must be well-lit, yet not hot.
And one more important criterion - our house must be reliably protected from any intrusion, yet  be convenient and safe for everyone who is inside!
How can you achieve it at a reasonable price and yet be able to have it maintained without spending a lot of money monthly?
If the description above matches  expectations of your ideal house, then our website and our experience are at your service!
We will help you get acquainted with energy-saving technologies and show you how you can cut  your electricity bill  by several times!
Your house will become energy-independent!
Current market of real estate in Thailand can not be called high quality  construction of dwellings suitable for people's life.
Our company has a twenty years experience and we have brought to  Thailand's market all cutting edge time-proven building technology , many of whom have never been used in Thailand before.  With the help of these technologies you will not only make  your house energy-independent but also user-friendly and convenient to use. Your house will be sustainable, durable and you will not have to break the bank to have it built and keep it maintained. All the technologies that we offer can be applied both to  houses under construction and those already built!